Why Buy Alpacas

So, Why Buy Alpacas?

There are three million alpacas in South America with a very successful alpaca fibre processing and manufacturing business in Peru so why should anyone want to set up a business in the UK?

Alpaca breeding whilst very important in Peru is also largely limited. The Peruvian population cannot really expand in numbers due to the limited amount of grazing available and 3 million alpacas is nothing when compared to the amount of wool producing sheep. There is plenty of room for expansion of alpaca fibre production and by expanding the alpaca population outside of Peru it is possible to ensure that more quality alpaca fibre is available. As it becomes better known as a luxurious fibre alpaca can gradually regain its place in the fashion world in competition to and alongside the better known noble fibres such as cashmere, mohair and silk.

Alpacas are a real joy to own: gentle, inquisitive and endearing animals. Each individual has a personality and habits. It is easy to get to know them as characters and form a bond with them. They are hardy; do not require intensive care or factory farming conditions. Alpacas are high value animals and as such you do not need hundreds on a huge acreage to make a successful business.
Unlike cows they don’t need huge outbuildings and can be kept outdoors all year round. They are not slaughtered for meat, in the UK at least.

They produce a gorgeous fine fleece which is far stronger and warmer than wool yet as soft as cashmere. Alpaca farming combines fashion and breeding animals in a natural and non exploitative way. Farming alpacas is kind to the environment and does not require chemicals or use of fossil fuels.

Very importantly for us, the majority of UK alpaca farmers do not come from an agricultural background or have extensive livestock experience and 1 person can largely manage a herd on their own. Many of the top breeders in the industry are women and unlike many other livestock, brute strength is not needed and no 5 am milkings!