About Us

Faerie Tale Alpacas

Faerie Tale Alpacas is a family run business which started breeding alpacas in 2008. Kierti Vaidya is the farm manager and lives onfarm, her parents, Kirit and Anne live in Birmingham and run the fleece side of the business.

Initially we began with 8 pregnant females and now have over 50 alpacas. Early well thought-out herd selection is absolutely essential to create a successful business. We initially purchased 8 breeding females, 6 from Val Fullerlove at Hanley Hall who is based in Worcestershire and has been a wonderful friend and mentor. We also selected 2 elite imported females, a lovely black Chilean female from Tim Hey of Inca Alpacas and a very dense (fleece not intelligence!), Australian import from Wellground Stud in Wiltshire. When purchasing alpacas it is really essential to trust your breeder for they will be an extremely valuable source of advice and support, in the beginning especially.

At Faerie Tale Alpacas we continuously strive to improve conformation and fleece quality. The alpaca industry in the UK has utilised the top genetics from around the world to accelerate our breeding programme. Since starting in 2008, we have taken great care to use only the most elite stud males from the top alpaca breeders in the UK. The males used are chosen for their elite fleece qualities and superior genetics; many are multi and supreme champions and have often been imported from South America or Australia which has an extremely advanced breeding programme. This careful selection has improved the quality of our crias year on year. See our Sales page for details