Ultimately alpacas are bred for their amazing fleece with its unique natural qualities. Alpaca is far warmer than sheeps wool and as soft and luxurious as cashmere. It is a very strong fibre which wears extremely well. At Faerie Tale Alpacas we have developed a fleece business selling high quality alpaca products, manufactured in the UK from our herd. See our Shop page for details.

One of the attractive aspects of alpaca farming is their huge range of natural colours. There are 22 fleece colours ranging from white to fawns to browns to black, there are also stunning greys and rose greys although they are rarer.

What's so special about alpaca fibre?

The alpaca fleece provides a soft, lightweight, lustrous fibre, second only to silk for strength, comparable to cashmere for luxury and more durable than both. It is thermally efficient and does not pill like cashmere. It is also much more acceptable on the skin for those with an allergic reaction to wool, due to its very smooth fibre structure, and also the absence of any trace of lanolin, which can also provoke an allergic reaction. Before the Spanish conquest, their fleece was known as the "Fibre of the Gods". Only Inca royalty were allowed to wear this luxurious fibre, upon pain of death.

Where can I buy alpaca products?

At Faerie-Tale Alpacas we have an exclusive, quality range of products from our fleeces. Most fleeces are processed individually so each garment can be identified to a single animal or small group. Currently we have a lovely selection of hand knitted gloves, scarves, legwarmers, and headbands as well as baby booties and blankets. We are also developing a range of made to order alpaca garments.

All our products are 100% farmed, processed and hand knitted in the UK.